Europa:  The Europa floodlights are stylish, yet robust, 200 watt linear halogen floodlights designed specifically for the exhibition and display market-place.  The Europa is the must-have trade show accessory, making your exhibition stand out from all the rest.  This isn't just lighting, this is the right lighting for the job.  The linear halogen bulb gives a crisp, clear, flood of light to your display showing your products and graphics in their true colours.

  The Amalthea Floodlights are the ideal solution when a massively bright flood of light is required.  Supplied in a 70 watt or 150 watt variant, the Metal Halide (HQI) bulb gives out approximately four and a half times as much light per watt as the already powerful linear halogen bulb.  This is a tidy, robust work horse delivering a massive punch and a show stopping trade show accessory.